Sarah Ockwell-Smith is a well known (UK based) baby expert & toddler expert and a highly regarded popular parenting author.

Sarah is famed for her gentle, science rich, yet easy to read books and her down-to-earth manner and ability to translate her vast knowledge of parenting science into easy to understand language. Sarah’s other books include ‘BabyCalm’ (Piatkus, 2012), ‘ToddlerCalm’ (Piatkus, 2013), ‘The Gentle Parenting Book’ (Piatkus, 2016) and ‘Why Your Baby’s Sleep Matters’ (Pinter and Martin, 2016). Sarah has also contributed to the book ‘The Science of Mother-Infant Sleep’ along with Professor Wendy Middlemiss, Dr. Kathleen Kendall Tacket, Professor Darcia Narvaez, Professor Helen Ball and Professor James sleep expert, toddler sleep expert, gentle parenting book, gentle parenting expert, gentle sleep coach, gentle sleep expert, gentle sleep training, gentle sleep help, gentle sleep solutions, babycalm sleep, toddlercalm sleep

Born in Bedfordshire, England in 1976, Sarah Ockwell-Smith is a mother of four school aged children, three boys and one girl. Sarah lives with her family, four cats and numerous chickens in a 350 year old cottage in rural Essex. Sarah initially studied Psychology at University. After completing her studies she embarked on a five year career in Pharmaceutical Research and Development until she became pregnant with her first child in 2001. After the birth of her firstborn Sarah retrained as a HypnoBirthing Teacher and Doula providing for a rather eclectic mix of scientific and holistic viewpoints!

Sarah has worked with over 1000 parents; helping them to prepare for and settle into life as a new family through her antenatal classes, birth and postnatal doula support, homeopathic consultations and parenting workshops.  Sarah is also the founder of the BabyCalm® and ToddlerCalm® organisations and the parenting website

Many refer to Sarah as an Attachment Parenting expert, however Sarah herself does not like this term as she feels it may ostracize many parents from learning about more gentle parenting techniques, particularly given the current media furore about co-sleeping/bed-sharing and extended breastfeeding. Sarah is concerned by the numbers of popular “parenting experts” giving strong opinions with little or no scientific evidence (or even parenting experience of their own!) to back up their claims. When writing her books Sarah wanted to help parents to not only calm and understand their children, but to help them to trust their instincts and make their own parenting decisions – confidently – without relying on somebody else’s routines or manuals.

You can learn more about Sarah on her website HERE.

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